Weathering the Storm in Times of Uncertainty at Your Job

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to have never been terminated or laid-off, but for many Americans (and many of my fellow coworkers), especially those working in early to mid-stage startups, that is often not the case.

Changes in the economy, a shift in company strategy or a change of leadership can often trigger feelings of insecurity and uncertainty in the workplace that can be difficult to sit with.
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How to: Disable Same-Origin Policy in Chrome

I’ve been doing some Chrome extension development in the past week and as you may or may not know, chrome extensions are allowed to make cross-domain ajax calls. This is allowed because of the Chrome extension permission model which requires a user installing an extension to agree to that the installed application may access your data on the domain in question.Continue Reading

Using Zend to Add ReCaptcha to Contact Form

Over the past few weeks, spammers have been inundating the QuickBase Contact Us form with automated spam. This has been quite a nuisance for the folks at QuickBase who read and respond to these contact form submissions.


In response to the complaints of spam, it was suggested that we add a captcha to the for – so today, I added the captcha using Zend_Captcha_ReCaptcha, a plugin that is included in the Zend Framework. Here’s how it’s done:Continue Reading