SimplEx - WebEx PHP Class

A layer of abstraction that makes developing WebEx applications a snap!


SimplEx is a php class (wrapper) for web developers that provides an additional layer of abstraction on top of the very powerful, well-documented WebEx API. Using this wrapper should cut development time by more than half.


  1. The first step is to download the library.
  2. Unzip the webex directory onto your server somewhere.
  3. Include the library into your script(s):


  4. That's it for installation. On to usage...


The 3-Line Setup

To get this wrapper working, you simply need to include it on the page, tell it what your login credentials are, and then make the api call(s). Pretty simple.

			$webex = new WebEx('webExID', 'password', 'siteID', 'partnerID', 'siteURL');
			$results = $webex->method();

Parsing Results

Results are returned in xml so I usually turn them into SimpleXML objects for easier manipulation.

Here's an example of a complete call with parsing:

				$webex = new WebEx('quickbase', 'HIDDEN', '12345', '123abc', $siteURL);
				$results = new SimpleXMLElement($webex->event_LstsummaryProgram('13097'));

				foreach($results->xpath('//event:program') as $result) {

Available Methods

Slowly, I'll add more and more of the support api methods that the WebEx XML api supports. But for now, what I've got is enough for you to list events and programs as well as attendees:

Want to Help?

The best thing to do would be shoot me an e-mail or twitter: joshuamc. This would probably make for a good opensource project.


I'm a pretty busy person, but you are welcome to shoot me an e-mail or twitter: joshuamc.